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Can I do it too?


Of course!

The degree of physical ability between you and an Olympic athlete may differ, but the types of abilities are the same.

You may not be able to have an elderly person squat with the same weight load as an Olympic ski representative.

However, both require the movement of squatting.

In fact, squatting is essential for living independently and improving fitness.

It is a movement that has universal value for humans and is necessary, yet it is often only taught to athletes, and the opportunity for the general public to receive instruction is limited. This is truly a tragedy.

However, CrossFit has succeeded in providing such movements, which were previously only taught to exceptional athletes, to the general public who seek safety and optimal results through uncompromising and thorough coaching and load adjustments tailored to individual abilities.


At CrossFit Aoyama, we offer programs and coaching supervised by experienced coaches and medical professionals, and we incorporate medical checks such as blood pressure, weight, body composition, and consultations conducted by healthcare practitioners, making us the only CrossFit gym in Japan to do so. We can help alleviate various concerns about exercise and establish a safe and effective exercise routine.

※Medical Fitness members or separate tickets are required. We also offer various medical services (additional fees apply) such as blood tests, acupuncture, and counseling at our affiliated clinic, "StayFit Clinic."

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