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What does health mean to you?

At CrossFit, we consider "Sickness," "Wellness," and "Fitness" to lie on the same continuum, where health is seen as a state far from illness.

CrossFit goes beyond merely building muscles and aims for physical improvements such as stable blood pressure, reduced body fat, increased bone density, as well as mental health benefits.

Additionally, being a group training program and part of the global CrossFit community with over 13,000 affiliates, it has positive social effects.

This aligns with the concept advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that it has a positive impact on the three dimensions of health: physical, mental, and social.

At CrossFit Aoyama, while focusing on the competitive aspect showcased in the world's largest fitness event, the "CrossFit Games," we also value the pursuit of health for individuals who may not be elite athletes.

Located just a 4-minute walk from Gaienmae Station and an 8-minute walk from Omotesando, it is an exclusive space for members and users.

You can relax at the bar counter, lounge area, or rooftop wood deck.

We also provide free Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the facility for remote work and more.


With experienced coaches and physicians providing support, CrossFit Aoyama is the only place where you can aim for a state of health in all dimensions: physical, mental, and social.

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